How To Compare Coffee Makers

Depending on what is important for you in your coffee maker, you can compare coffee makers.

Coffee makers come in a wide variety of types, sizes and feature options. Choosing the right coffee maker for you is almost never a one-step procedure but it is one that will involve several steps.

How To Compare Coffee MakersEach of these steps involved in selecting the perfect coffee maker for your requirements would require you to compare coffee makers of different brands to determine which is best. Which features would you look at? Some of the first that come to mind include size, water reservoir, filter type and type of carafe.

Each of these in conjunction with other features such as automatic shutoff and timer can be looked at in a side by side coffee maker comparison between different models depending on what you want in your coffee maker.

Size Matters when you Compare Coffee Makers

The first consideration is size. How many cups will the coffee maker brew? This can range from 15 all the way down to 1.

If the coffee maker is meant to brew several cups of coffee at a time you will want to look at the largest coffee maker you can find. However, a single serve coffee maker is just the right thing for those who are looking to brew just one cup of coffee at a time.

Water Reservoir Comparisons

The water reservoir is another consideration. Some coffee makers have large reservoirs that stay hot to reduce brew time.

The easiest to use are those that have a flip top lid to pour into and are clearly marked how much water in cups is inside. Others may be removed from the coffee maker for sink filling.

Consider Filter Types when you Compare Coffee Makers

There is no one type of filter that is the best. In a coffee maker comparison, the choice of filter is really a question of convenience v/s cost.
Permanent filters are less costly than paper but must be cleaned after every use and allow very fine particles of the grind to pass through, which end up in the cup. Paper filters on the other hand, tend to be more expensive as they have to replaced after every brew.

They also tend to be more tedious to remove and empty. They do, however, remove all the fine particles so you won’t get any grounds in the cup.

Coffee Maker Comparison of Carafes

The carafe can come in one of two types, glass carafes and thermal carafes. Glass carafes would require to be left standing on the hotplate until the carafe is empty or until the coffee maker is shut off. The thermal carafe on the other hand does not require a hot plate to keep the coffee warm.

The thermal carafe may cost a little more, but it will preserve the fresh brewed flavor of the coffee for hours whereas a glass carafe allows the flavor to degrade over time. If you drink slowly and wait a while between refills, the thermal carafe may be the best option.

Built-In Timers And Automatic Shut Offs – Necessary Conveniences

A timer built into the coffee maker may be the feature that seals the deal. Some people prefer to have a fresh hot pot of coffee sitting there waiting for them when they awaken. Others may not need the timer, as they are more alert and active before getting that first cup of coffee in the morning.

An automatic shutoff switch may be a serious concern. Some have such busy schedules that they may forget to turn the coffee maker off. An automatic switch can save the carafe from being ruined when the pot boils dry. It is also an energy saving device.

No one brand or model of coffee maker is right for every person. Knowing how to compare coffee makers by looking at their features side by side is an important part of choosing the one that is right for you.

A coffee maker comparison will ensure that you get the just the thing you are looking for in your coffee maker.