How To Choose The Best Home Coffee Maker

Choosing the best home coffee maker for your needs is very difficult, considering the wide array of different models and types available.

The first step is to determine what type of coffee machine fits your requirements. Percolators, stovetop boilers, automatic drip, thermal coffee makers or a single cup coffee maker.

how to choose the best coffee makerAll these are available and each one of them works differently or offers different benefits. Any one of these can be the best home coffee maker for you as each one has different benefits to offer its users.

After determining the type of the coffee maker, it is time for you to do some comparision. The best method for doing this would be to list down the different models with their features and benefits. You will quickly be able to see from this feature comparison which models have features that you are certain you don’t want or need as well as which have features that are desirable.

Once you rule out those with features that are not important to you, you can then look at comparisons of the models that have features you do want.

Seeing this type of comparison with lists of features unique to each model will make choosing the best home coffee maker much easier.

An easier option would be to find such comparisions on the internet.

Popular Home Coffee Makers

Here are three models home coffee machines which are rated highly by the users of these machines.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12 Cup Brew Central

The Cuisinart DCC1200 features a 12 cup carafe with ergonomic handle and knuckle guard and an adjustable temperature in hot plate.

The Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup even before the brewing is completely finished. The Cuisinart DCC 1200 also features a 24 hour brew programming and programmable shut off timer (0 – 4 hours) and charcoal water filter.

Braun KF550-BK AromaDeluxe 10-Cup Coffeemaker

The 10 cup capacity Braun KF550BK features a Brita water filter built in, pause and serve feature, push button filter basket release with gold tone screen basket and auto shut off.

Bunn NHB Professional Home Brewer

The hot water reservoir of the Bunn NHB brews 10 cups in 3 minutes. This handy little gadget has a sliding lid for adding water and a unique spray head design for full coffee flavor.

Looking at these various coffee maker models we can see that the Cuisinart model has the largest carafe among all the coffee maker models. If a lager carafe is an important feature for you in your coffee maker, then your search is over.

Let’s say that the Bunn model is undesirable because of the reservoir that stays heated all the time. Once that is ruled out, the comparison gets more interesting. Both the Cuisinart and the Braun have many features in common. The main difference is that the Cuisinart has a programmable timer on the auto shutoff. If your family is one that generally take longer to empty a pot of coffee, this is a desirable feature, making the Cuisinart DCC 1200 the best home coffee maker for your needs.

Many options are available when looking for a home coffee maker. Breaking down the steps involved by first deciding the type of coffee maker and then comparing the features you desire can make it easy for you to determine the best home coffee maker for your needs.