How Do Consumer Reports On Coffee Makers Help You?

Reading consumer reports on coffee makers can be time consuming, but with so many models of coffee makers available, each one of them having an array of enticing features, choosing the best coffee maker can be extremely difficult.

coffee maker consumer reportDifferent types of coffee makers are now available. These include stovetop, percolators, manual drip, automatic drip, and pod brewers. Automatic drip coffee makers are still considered the best sellers. They outsell all other home appliances by almost 14 million units per year.

If you are a serious coffee drinker, however, your effort of going through consumer reports on coffee makers will be well rewarded.

The innovative coffee makers available today, come with a variety of features that you need to look at when choosing one. Some of these include filter type, water reservoir, temperature and strength controls, timers, auto shutoff, self cleaning function, water filter, type of carafe.

Take a look at some of the features that you can choose from when looking for the best coffee maker for you.

Comparing Coffee Makers

Filter basket

  • Is it removable?
  • Slide in or swing out?
  • Paper or permanent – Permanent filters will last longer and cost less in the long run, but must be cleaned after every use.

Water Reservoir

  • Some are removable for sink filling
  • Best are clearly marked with how many cups they hold

Temperature And Strength Controls

  • Some can be set to keep coffee at variable temperatures from 160 – 190 degrees
  • Some can be set to brew stronger or weaker pots of coffee.This can normally be controlled by measuring the desired amount of coffee.


  • Some come with a built in clock and timer that can be set to brew at a specific time so the coffee is ready when you wake.

Auto Shutoff

  • This comes in very handy for those of us who constantly forget to turn off the coffee maker.


  • If you love to grind your own beans, some coffee makers even come with a built in grinder.
  • Grinders can come with various setting for grinding, from fine to coarse depending on the type of drink you would like.

Control Location

  • Controls located on the side of the coffee maker allow it to be turned so it seems to occupy less counter space.

Self Clean Cycle

  • Can be useful if you prefer that to cleaning the coffee maker occasionally by running vinegar and water through it

Water Filter

  • These are costly to use as they must be replaced periodically to prevent the buildup of bacteria.
    A house or faucet filter would be less expensive.

Type of Carafe

  • Glass is the most common, and good looking but accidentally breaking them is very common.
    Stainless steel carafes are pricier than the glass carafes but are long lasting.
  • Thermal carafes may be better for someone who usually goes longer between refills as they preserve the flavor better and also, keeps the coffee hot much longer due to thermal insulation.


  • How many cups should it brew?
  • People who don’t drink much coffee may prefer a single serve coffee maker. The cost per cup will, however, be much higher than a full size pot.

Consumer Reports on coffee makers help you with the ratings and reviews of different models and brands to select a machine with top value. So always compare features and shop around to find the best coffee maker to fit your needs.