What coffee table do you recommend?

What coffee table do you recommend?
The coffee table in the photos belongs in one more room. I want a bigger coffee table for this area. Maybe a metal or stone table? What form do you advise and can you steer me in direction of a area exactly where I can purchase one that wouldn’t break the financial institution?

How to Decorate a Modern day Coffee Table
Coffee tables are usually the centerpiece of the residing room. We organize seating about the coffee table. We use it to hold essentials such as books and drink coasters. It becomes an impromptu appetizer buffet when it is time to entertain. So why is it simple …

Bookshelves & Coffee Table inquiries
I want greater pieces in the bookshelves, but even now want to preserve it cozy hunting, not like a museum – suggestions?? Also striving to decide on a coffee table -round or rectangle- thoughts? Also organizing for new drapes any suggestions there would be welcome also!

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