Nice Coffee Table photos

coffee table
Image by Silk Street Assortment
Coffee Table produced with Carved Screens
A vintage Chinese display is the center and feature of this newly crafted coffee table. The display is made in symmetric geometric patterns. The body of the coffee table is minimal to focus attention on the carved screen. The legs end in the traditional Chinese horse hoof design and style. Table contains the glass prime. Light brown finish.

A number of nice coffee table photographs I discovered:

coffee table
Picture by Silk Road Assortment
Asian Inspired Coffee Table
Inventive integration of classic Chinese design in this modern coffee table. Whilst newly constructed, observe the use of the conventional mortise and tenon development. The wood perform beneath the leading surface and the shelf is a great touch. The surface region is doubled with the addition of the shelf. Extremely nice light brown finish reveals the lovely wood grain.

coffee table
Picture by nelio filipe

Ready for Tea and Coffee
coffee table
Image by Theen …
A table set with crockery waiting for the hot food to make their physical appearance for brunch.

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