Nice Coffee Table photos

My bitchin’ coffee table
coffee table
Image by rotormind
This is a coffee table I developed from a salvaged Textronix 7704A oscilloscope mainframe I pulled from a dumpster. A sheet of glass on prime and a wooden frame comprehensive the table. (I extra the frame due to the fact I kept bumping my shin on the invisible glass!)

However I had hopes of resurrecting the scope (originally a five-figure piece of good quality check equipment), it had sat in the rain for a little too extended. The PSU in certain had about 14 various output voltages, some of them impractically higher, and was fully fried. So I eliminated some shielding to expose the gorgeous insides and produced it into a bitchin’ coffee table.

Check out out these coffee table photos:

Ourdoor Coffee Table 1
coffee table
Picture by Michael Rehfeldt

Finished coffee table (HD)
coffee table
Image by pandaposse
Broad-angle edition I feel

Josh’s coffee table
coffee table
Image by mia.judkins
Josh bought this coffee table from the St Vincent De Paul’s back when he initial started out flatting. It truly is been used as everything from a dinner table to a mah jong platform to a practical step ladder.
We sold it on Trade Me in preparation for our move.

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