Nice Coffee Maker photos

New Coffee Maker
coffee maker
Image by Moresheth
Our old Keurig coffee maker died, so we got a new, greater, prettier one.

Some awesome coffee maker photographs:

Drip Coffee Maker
coffee maker
Picture by Tobyotter
My new coffee maker arrived, manufactured by nephew Andy in Colorado and offered on

new coffee maker
coffee maker
Picture by leff
It really is ultimately right here!!! The new coffee maker! It can make coffee. Good coffee! It replaces the broken ones.

I know the coffee gourmet’s, or cormet’s as I like to get in touch with them, will say &quotover head drip, that sucks&quot. And they are right. It really is not as great as my french press at house. But considering individuals right here would buy folgers if I allow them we’re undertaking pretty great. It’s thermal carafe is excellent and it isn’t going to even have a heating element underneath, so no burninating.

Ok. Sufficient gushing. Off to the kitchenette to refill my silly mug.

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