ground rings

ground rings
coffee machine
Picture by ztephen
stays of my coffee sorted into concentric rings by my rough working washing machine.

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coffee machine
Image by bazingaboy
bw workshop

WRBC2008: Fourth Machine
coffee machine
Image by Western Regional Barista Competition

Image from webpage 65 of “Textile school catalog, 1916-1917” (1916)
coffee machine
Image by Net Archive Book Photographs

Text Appearing Just before Image:
ulating Kier for boiling-out, below stress, cot-ton and other vegetable fibres in the kind of yarn or piece-items. An experimental slate bleaching tank from Penrhyn Slate Co.,and an apparatus for bleaching with sodium peroxide from Roessler,Hasslacher Co., are utilized to display newest developments in bleaching. MICROSCOPIC FIBRE=TESTINQ AND COLORIMETRICLABORATORY This is properly outfitted with a amount of microscopes and appa-ratus for the preparation of slides and sections photographicapparatus for the making of photomicrographs Lovibund tinto- .41 meter, with set of regular glasses and large number of gelatinefilms of numerous dyestuffs a Zeiss comparison spectroscope and aZeiss universal spectroscope, with all accessories for the spectroscopicstudy of dyestufifs a Reeser &amp Mackenzie fibre-testing machine, fordetermining tensile power and elasticity. The laboratory is also supplied with a conditioning oven of thelatest pattern, capable of swiftly and accurately offering the amount

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MICROSCOPIC AND COLORIMETRIC LABORATORY. of hygroscopic moisture contained in any class of fibre in any kind,raw or manufactured. Tests on tiny or massive samples can be madewith equal facility. CLOTH FINISHING LABORATORY The amenities for finishing of the a variety of materials created in theschool are really in trying to keep with those of other departments, andconsist of 1 3-quarter combination washing and rotary fullingmill, and a single small fulling mill for samples, each from theJames Hunter Machine Co., North Adams, Mass. a Gessner im-proved push mill, with lateral side movement single-cylinderupright gig, Curtis &amp Marble make Parks &amp Woolson cloth shear,with patent listing movement Parks &amp Woolson double-cylinder clothbrush, with steamer attachment Gessner improved cloth pressMorris &amp Tasker hydro-extractor, tenter bars, frames, and so on. 42 Programs of Study—Day School The school gives to potential clay students the fol-lowing very carefully prepared courses of instruction,

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