Black and Decker Coffee Maker Review – DCM600W 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

Slow-drip coffee maker
coffee maker
Image by Salim Virji
The &quotKyoto&quot slow-drip coffee makers, two of several at the Williamsburg café Blue Bottle

So, I made a decision to review this Black & Decker DCM600W five-Cup Drip Coffeemaker since it is simple, economical and it does what it really is supposed to. The Black and Decker coffee maker is below

It is super compact and takes up hardly any room on your counter prime. It is about 11 inches tall.There is one red button to flip the unit on and off. There is no beep to allow you know that the coffee is completed brewing. There is a removable filter basket. You can use paper filters or a long lasting basket filter. The glass carafe holds 5 cups. Here are the two cups I use for coffee every single morning. They hold about twelve ounces every single. I fill water up to the 3 cups to make 2 cups of coffee. three cups is about sixteen ounces in the pot. There is a window to see how much water is filled.

It’s extremely straightforward to clean, the basket comes out with ease and so does the glass carafe. It brews a excellent cup of coffee and all the coffee grinds are moist which signifies the water went through it. So far, there is been no dripping or leaking from the pot.

What impressed me about the black and decker coffee maker most is that it brews a actually very good cup of tea. I will show you how to make chai with this simple recipe. Generally, you are going to boil milk, tea leaves and spices in a pot and strain it all to make chai. This saves you from washing a pot and strainer. Put tea leaves, cinnamon, ground cloves and ground cardamom in a filter. Heat milk in your cup and pour into carafe. Brew and you have tasty chai in a number of minutes.

** I was not paid by any business for this unbiased evaluation **


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