Before and After – Coffee Roasting

Just before and Soon after – Coffee Roasting
coffee grinder
Picture by cgfan

The distinct beans that you see here are from a batch of Josuma Decide on Malabar Gold, a blend of coffee beans specially formulated for espresso.

In the center are the so called &quotgreen beans&quot before they were roasted, and on the outdoors are some beans following I roasted them in my property coffee roaster (a Fresh Roast Plus).

For espresso I manually grind them to a somewhat gritty but still fine powder in a manual burr grinder (a Zassenhaus). This gets loaded and hand-tamped into a double basket portafilter, conventionally used to dose for a double shot, and inserted into either the La Cara or La Pavoni manual piston espresso machines. Each of these machines involve the user by obtaining him push down on a lever to force the scorching water through the tightly compacted espresso grounds.

The shot then gets pulled below excellent stress into a pre-heated tazzina (a little espresso cup – I use a 68 cc feldspathic porcelain tazzina manufactured by IPA Porcellane in Italy), for a total draw of about 1.25-1.five ounces (2.5-3 tablespoons).

Such a extremely short shot is known as a ristretto, which when created properly has to be the purest form that a single can enjoy an espresso – a superb concentration of coffee flavor with a lot of mouthfeel and a pleasant bitterness.

…and once in a blue moon when everything is proper it generates the proverbial &quotgod shot&quot, which is in fact creamy in taste. (And yes, this is all without having making use of any milk! 🙂 )

Taken with an Epson Perfection 4990 scanner.


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coffee grinder
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Coffee grinder
coffee grinder
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An old manual coffee grinder.

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